Dynamic compaction – Papers

Dynamic compaction manual
Federal Highway Administration US (FHWA).

“This  manual  provides  state-of-the-practice  methods  and  techniques to assist  the highway engineer  in  the planning,  design,  and  construction  monitoring  of  dynamic  compaction  to  improve the load  supporting  capacity  of weak foundation  soils…”.

Numerical modeling of dynamic compaction in cohesive soils
Khaled Mostafa.

“The  work  presented  throughout  this  report  is  concerned  with  studying  the dynamic  compaction  in  cohesive  soils.  Two-dimension  and  three-dimension  finite element  models  were  developed.  Modified  Cam-Clay  soil  constitutive  model,  which captures  the  highly  nonlinear  behavior  of  soil,  has  been  used  throughout  the  presented work…”.

A case study on soil improvement with heavy dynamic compaction
Durgunoglu, H.T. et al.

“In this paper, soil improvement works by means of heavy dynamic compaction method performe d for the foundation subsoil of Carrefoursa Hypermarket and Trade Center in Bursa, Turkey is given as a case study. In order to increase the bearing capacity of the foundations subsoils as well as to regulate the total and differential settlements underneath the foundations Heavy Dynamic Compaction (HDC) together with High Energy Pillars (HEP) are implemented….”.

Application of dynamic compaction in a project with smart acceptance criteria
Babak Hamidi, Serge Varaksin and Hamid Nikraz.

Liquefaction mitigation in silty soils using dunamic compaction and wick drain
R. NASHED et al.

“In recent years dynamic compaction (D.C) has becomean economically attractive method of ground remediation of loose cohesionless soils for liquefaction hazards mitigation. The current practice for evaluating feasibility and choosing the operational parameters of the technique at a site depends mainly on field trials, past experience, and empirical equations based on reported records…”.