Soil mechanics

Triaxial Shear Test

Introduction to Geotechnical Engineering Learning objectives of the presentation: Describe the boundary stress conditions for the unconfined compression test. Sketch the setup for a triaxial test showing applied loads and stresses. Draw a free body diagram of a soil specimen in a triaxial test. Given triaxial test data, plot both […]

Trench soil collapse

SEMCTRTF This video was produced by the Operating Engineers Local 825 for the OSHA excavation training. Watch the spoil pile angle of repose, lack of set back and the lip on the left of the trench. This is why all trench & excavation rescue incidents should be treated as Class […]

Clay heave simulation

British Geological Survey During this video we can see the effect of a clay swelling due to water ingress and the subsequent damage to the house above. This hazard is known as heave and is associated with the shrinking and swelling properties of clays. This tends to be a problem […]

Quicksand simulation

British Geological Survey Here, our lifeguard is about to experience quicksand conditions. Water is pumped in from the bottom of the model to simulate a spring, artesian condition or incoming tide, that may result in sand grains floating and quicksand to develop locally; the effect can be transient and change […]