Retaining systems

Retaining wall failure

British Geological Survey Slope or retaining wall failure: geohazard tank model. This is an example of a retaining wall failure; a familiar hazard in ground engineering. An engineer designed a wall to hold the dry sandy soil whilst houses have been built above. Examples of this can be seen where […]

Construction of new San Martin Market using Top – Down Method

Proceedings of the 14th European Lecture on Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering “Geotechnical Engineering in Urban Environments” – Madrid 2007 (Spain) – ISBN 978-90-5966-055-7. Vol. 4, pp. 1853-1858. Author: Gerardo Marote. Abstract: “The top-down method has various advantages in the building of deep basements, as demonstrated by the efficient construction […]

Sheet Piling Harbour Construction

ArcelorMittal Steel Sheet Piling ArcelorMittal HZM-AZ Sheet Piling Harbour Construction FR 3D animation of the installation sequences of a combined wall system utilizing ArcelorMittal’s HZM/AZ sheet piles: fast, easy and very efficient, provided the driving contractor follows the state-of-the-art driving procedure shown in this video.

Hydrofraise Technology

Gerardo Marote The hydrofraise is used for the construction of diaphragm walls in difficult conditions: excavation of rock and hard layers of soil, deep panels and strict tolerances. The excavation with hydrofraise is performed using the reverse circulation technique, by milling soil by means of two drums fitted with tungsten […]