Daily archives: 27 May, 2016

Ground Anchor Stressing

“A hydraulic jack and pump are used to apply load to the tendon either at the anchor head or at a pulling head attached to the prestressing steel. The hydraulic jack must be capable of applying a concentric load to the tendon. The load should be transferred to all of […]

Pile Driving Analysis

Presenter: Frank Rausche Title: Pile Driving Analysis Date of recording:18 September 2012 Duration: 01:23:24 “Pile Driving Webinar presents a brief summary of modern pile types and hammer systems and then explains how the wave equation approach can be used for pile driving cost estimation and job preparation. This is followed […]

Pipe jacking with open shield

The election of this type of perforation is influenced in great way of the type of ground and surface area of influence. Is absolutely necessary not to have groundwater levels and the ground has to be cohesive. This boring technic is inadvisable in free ground without cohesion, hard ground or […]