Daily archives: 4 August, 2014

Rock mechanics – Papers

Rock mechanics: an introduction for the practical engineer Evert Hoek. “This paper is the text of three lectures delivered by the author at the Imperial College of Science and Technology, London in November 1965 as part of the University of London series of Special University Lectures in Mining and Metallurgy…”.

Hydrofraise – Papers

Aplicación de la tecnología de hidrofresa a grandes excavaciones urbanas Author: Gerardo Marote. Language: Spanish. “La técnica de hidrofresa (hydrofraise) está especialmente diseñada para ejecutar pantallas en terrenos de dureza elevada, realizar excavaciones profundas o resolver situaciones de obras singulares que requieren un método de máxima fiabilidad y seguridad. En […]

Anchors – Papers

Ground anchors and anchored systems Federal Highway Administration US (FHWA). “This document presents state-of-the-practice information on the design and installation of cementgrouted ground anchors and anchored systems for highway applications. Anchored systemsdiscussed include flexible anchored walls, slopes supported using ground anchors, landslide stabilization systems, and structures that incorporate tiedown anchors…”. […]

Micropiles – Papers

Micropile design and construction guidelines Federal Highway Administration US (FHWA). “The purpose of this “practitioner-oriented” manual is to facilitate the implementation of micropile technology into American transportation design and construction practice and to provide guidance for selecting, designing and specifying micropiles for those applications to which it is technically suited […]