Geotechnical Excel spreadsheets


Author: Vedran Skopal
Senior Design Engineer / Specialist at Elektroprojekt d.d.

My colleague Vedran Skopal has developed some interesting Excel spreadsheets for Geotechnical calculations. To download them simply click on the links below.

Thanks Vedran for this awesome work!

  • Derivation of soil parameters from in situ tests through correlations (includes checking for liquefaction potential and some other goodies).


  • Simple geotechnical calculations; just what it says – some simple but handy calcs: active earth pressure, passive earth pressure and uplift resistance.


  • Dam material quantities estimate; a tool for a quick (but pretty accurate, down to about +/-10% maximum error if you get your input values right) estimate of material quantities for various types of embankment dams. Made for those situations when you don’t have an accurate terrain or dam model but must make a reliable estimate of material quantities.


Please visit Vedran Skopal profile at LinkedIn for further information about his work. If you are a developer as well and you have created tools that can be useful for others, feel free to share them on Geobuuk. Contact me and tell me about your creative work!

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