Hi! My name is Gerardo Marote. I am a Civil & Geotechnical Engineer with over 18 years of experience in design and construction of Special Geotechnical Works. I am currently working as Engineering and Resources Director at Terratest Group.

Geobuuk contains my personal selection of videos (and some papers!) related to geotechnical enginnering. I hope you find the web interesting. Please contact me if you have questions or suggestions. Thanks!

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“Unfortunately, soils are made by nature and not by man, and the products of nature are always complex… As soon as we pass from steel and concrete to earth, the omnipotence of theory ceases to exist. Natural soil is never uniform. Its properties change from point to point while our knowledge of its properties are limited to those few spots at which the samples have been collected. In soil mechanics the accuracy of computed results never exceeds that of a crude estimate, and the principal function of theory consists in teaching us what and how to observe in the field.” – Karl Terzaghi – The engineer as artist. Richard E. Goodman, Ph.D. ASCE Press.